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The lion Ruru rescued by URSA settled in Spain

In April 2022, URSA team evacuated a wild lion from Gostomel, which actually was living out his days there.

"The animal was in a very bad condition. Thin and dehydrated, the lion was staying in an abandoned, smelly shed in Gostomel. So it was necessary to act quickly," - recalls Yaroslava Koba, the head of URSA civil organization.

"Imagine if we didn't bring food to the dog shelter, we simply wouldn't know that a lion lives nearby," adds Olena Machynska, the head of URSA supervisory board.

Having obtained the support of veterinarians, the zoo protection team transported the animal to the Zoo Poznań in Poland, where Ruru underwent rehabilitation.

A few months ago, the completely healthy lion Ruru was sent to Alicante in Spain. Now he lives in great conditions, close to natural, in an animal rescue center.

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